A service is needed as part of the scooter general maintenance to keep the performance at an optimal level, extend the life of the engine, and ensure there are no other underlying mechanical and safety issues that may arise while you ride.

Our services include changing the oil, spark plugs, cleaning the air filter and carburettor, servicing the transmission, checking the brakes, lights, suspension and air pressure in your tyres, and more.

Our service prices vary, depending on the type of service, engine cc rating, and the make and model of the scooter.

* Standard Service for scooters up to 50cc From $130.00

* Premium Service for scooters up to 50cc From $180.00

* Standard Service for scooters from 100cc to 300cc From $180.00

* Premium Service for scooters from 100cc to 300cc From $250.00


Up to 50cc from $130
100 cc – 300c from $180

* Price includes engine, gearbox oil and spark plug

* Engine Oil Change

* New Spark Plug

* Air Filter Cleaning

* Gearbox Oil Change

* General Mechanical, Electrical and Safety Check

* Test Ride

* A Standard Service takes around 40 minutes.
You can hang around ‘K’ Road shops while we service it!


Up to 50cc from $180
100 cc – 300c from $225

* Price includes engine, gearbox oil and spark plug

Everything Included in Standard Service PLUS

Carburettor/Throttle Body Cleaning

Transmission Service

Brake and Suspension System Check

Check Frame and All Critical Fasteners


* A Premium Service could take more than 2 hours.
Bring your scooter in between 8:30 AM and 11 AM and pick it up at the end of the day!


Oil Change

Scooters engines work at higher revs than cars. Therefore, the oil breaks down and wears out faster and becomes less effective at lubricating the engine and absorbing heat.

Getting the oil change on time is therefore a fundamental necessity for maintaining an optimal performance, good mileage and extending your engine life.

For 4 strokes engines from 49cc to 250cc, we recommend an oil change every 2,000 km.
For 4 strokes engines above 300cc, we recommend an oil change every 3,000 km.
For 2 strokes engines we recommend semi-synthetic or full-synthetic 2T oil

Spark Plug Change

If your scooter has trouble starting, idles roughly, loses power, misfires, doesn’t accelerate quickly, or the fuel consumption increases, it may need a new spark plug!
A misfiring spark plug can reduce fuel efficiency by as much as 30%.
Spark plugs provide the spark that powers your scooter engine; therefore, they have to be always in good working condition.
Every time your scooter is serviced at our workshop, the spark plug is replaced. It doesn’t matter if the old spark plug is still in working condition.
We will never clean your old spark plug and place it back in your scooter engine!

Carburettor Cleaning

Dirt can get into the carburettor through the air filter box or from the petrol tank. Rust and varnish buildup from gasoline that has sat for too long or dirt from the environment can wreak havoc if it reaches the carburettor. Even tiny particles of debris are enough to clog the ports of carburettor jets.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Carburetor

* Reduced Engine Performance
* Overheating Or Backfiring Engine
* Black Smoke
* Hard Starting
* Rough Idle
* Poor Acceleration
* Hesitation Under Load
* Carburetor Flooded With Fuel
* Engine Running Lean
* Engine Running Rich
We recommend to clean the carburettor every time the scooter gets a full service (4,000 kms).

Transmission Service

Scooters are equipped with Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), which allows transmission change without the presence of chain drives. The CVT is made up of interconnected components, such as variator, rollers, clutch, and the drive belt that connects the front and rear pulleys and make the wheels turn.

As the drive belt wears, it becomes thinner, which can cause a loss of top speed and slower acceleration.

The rollers weights and the variator are the key components in the transmission for the automatic gear change system to work effectively and smoothly.

Worn or unevenly worn rollers need to be replaced to ensure smooth gear change, good acceleration and top speed!

We recommend a transmission service every 4,000–6,000 km.


Gearbox Oil Change

80% of scooter engine gears and bearings are located inside the gearbox. All of them are interconnected and they .

Changing the gearbox oil on time prevents additional wear and tear and provides a smooth riding experience.

We recommend changing the gearbox oil every second time your scooter is serviced or 4000 km.

Air Filter Cleaning

All internal combustion engines require spark, fuel and air to work.

Airflow is hugely important to your scooter, and the quality of that flow depends on your air filter to perform the combustion process.

If you allow your air filter to get too dirty, the engine’s performance will go down and the scooter may experience unexpected decrease in gas mileage, loss of acceleration, ignition problems (a dirty air filter can lead to fouled spark plugs), engine doesn’t sound right, and rough idling.

We recommend cleaning the air filter every single time your scooter is serviced.

General Mechanical Check

A general mechanical check includes checking the engine compression, petrol and oil lines for leaks, intake manifold, throttle cable, cooling fan, muffler condition, kick start, dashboard, speedometer, and other requirements.

General Electrical Check

A general electrical check includes checking headlight, taillight, brake lights, indicators, horn, charging system, battery condition (terminals & connectors), electric start, and other requirements.

General Safety Check

A general safety check includes checking the front and rear suspensions, tyre condition, tyre air pressure, brake shoes and brake pads, disc, handlebar and wheel alignment, frame, brake fluid, brake calliper, master cylinder, all critical bolts & fasteners, engine mounting, and other requirements.


Get Your Scooter Serviced at Your Place!

Our fully equipped call-out vehicle is here to provide any of our services right at your place! Call-out services are available on Sundays throughout Auckland and surrounding areas.

Call-Out Fee $100.00: This covers the time and fuel taken to travel to and from your property (maximum radius of 15 km from our workshop)

* Standard call-out service for scooters up to 50cc: From $220.00 + Call-Out Fee
* Premium call-out service for scooters up to 50cc: From $290.00 + Call-Out Fee
* Standard call-out service for scooters from 100cc to 300cc: From $290.00 + Call-Out Fee
* Premium call-out service for scooters from 100 cc to 300cc: From $360.00 + Call-Out Fee


5-Minutes general and safety check:
We will check:
* The condition and air pressure of your tyres.
* Headlight, tail lights, indicators and horn.
* Brakes and suspension condition.
* Any issue that is possible to detect at first glance and within 5 minutes.
** If an issue is found, we will provide you with a quote or an estimate.

Free of charge:
* Mirrors adjustment
* Pumping up tyres
* Brake adjustment (brake drum type only)

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