0800SCOOTERS is a comprehensive one-stop scooter workshop providing a high-quality service with the most affordable prices in the market. Whether in our workshop or our mobile mechanic service, 0800SCOOTERS will take care of your scooter and your budget!

We specialise only in scooters – we love scooters!

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Scooter Service


We offer services in the general maintenance of scooters to keep the performance of your scooter at an optimal level, extend the life of the engine, and ensure that it is safe for riding. This includes changing the oil and , cleaning the air filter and carburettor, servicing the transmission, checking the brakes, lights, front and rear suspension, tyre pressure, and much more!
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We carry out all mechanical, electrical and cosmetic repairs your scooter may require, from a simple puncture repair to a complete engine overhaul!

* Compression test
* Tune-up
* Idling adjustment
* Valve adjustment
* Electrical problems
* Alternators, starters and ignition
* Battery charge, tests and replacement
* Fuel pumps, petrol and oil lines
* Tyres & brakes
* CVT clutch & variator
* Brake and throttle cable replacement
* Forks seal replacement
* Straightening forks
* Body repair (plastic welding & paint) and Frame
* Steering & suspension services and repairs
* Scooter upholstery
More and much more!

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Your scooter broke down?
Flat battery?
A puncture?
Ran out of gas?
Lost key?
We will come to you and try to get you back on the road as soon as possible. Otherwise, we will tow your scooter to a safe location of your choice or to our workshop.
Find out more about our breakdown assistance and towing services and prices!


We have a wide range of second-hand Japanese, Taiwanese, Italian, Korean and Chinese scooters available for sale and for all budgets. All of them have been fully checked and serviced (premium service) and ready to hit the road!
Free delivery around Auckland up to 20 km from our shop (Auckland CBD).
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We just opened our Electric Scooter Workshop! Yay!

We are now working on E-SCOOTERS, E-BIKES and E-MOPEDS, and we take care of all repair works. Whether it’s a quick flat tyre repair or a comprehensive service of your electric vehicle, we’ve got you covered.

We work on all e-scooter and e-bike brands, regardless of quality or the price you paid, and we will get you back on the road faster.


Was your scooter involved in an accident?
Was your scooter knocked over?
Did someone try to unlawfully take it and left it with substantial damage?
Is the handlebar misaligned?
Does the key get stuck in the ignition or doesn’t turn?
Is the ignition damaged?
Has the front plastic cover been ripped off and wires chopped off?
Contact us so we can help you with your insurance claim.
We work with all insurance companies in providing a pickup service, damage report, photos, quote and repairs.


We have a wide range of brand new and second-hand spare parts for Japanese, Taiwanese, Italian and Chinese scooters.
* Plastic fairings
* Headlights
* Indicators
* Switch assys
* Seats
* Electric components
* Engine parts
* Transmission parts
* Rims
* Carburettors
More and much more!
Give us a call providing the make and model of your scooter.


Don’t take any chances! We can assess & check that the scooter is mechanically & structurally sound.

Pre-purchase Inspection includes a full scooter check over as well as the scooter’s history, such as ownership history, money owing, VIN and engine number, and any maintenance that may be required.

Bring the scooter you are interested in buying to our workshop and get a pre-purchase inspection for $80.00. We can complete on-site pre-purchase inspections on your suggested scooter for $180.00 (maximum radius of 15 km  from our workshop).


5-Minute FREE Safety Check:
We will check:
* The condition and air pressure of your tyres.
* Headlight, tail lights, indicators and horn.
* Brakes and suspension condition.
* Any issue that is possible to detect at first glance and within 5 minutes.
** If an issue is found, we will provide you with a quote or an estimate.

Free of charge:
* Mirrors adjustment
* Pumping up tyres
* Brake adjustment (brake drum type only)


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