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Do You Need to Service an Electric Vehicle?

Electric motors have fewer moving parts than petrol engines. This means electric vehicles often require less maintenance than fuel-burning counterparts.

Although electric vehicles do not require an oil change, spark plug and tuning, they still have wheels, tyres, shock absorbers, brake shoes, disc brake, brake pads, brake callipers, master cylinders, brake fluid, wheel bearings, steering stem bar, tiller steering shaft bearing, headlights, brake lights, indicators, horn, electric controller, battery, charging system, charger and other parts, and they require regular maintenance based on usage and mileage.

Service – Maintenance

* The regular standard service or maintenance of an electric vehicle is significantly more affordable than a petrol engine.

* Diagnosing electrical issues is time consuming, and most of the time electric components have to be replaced as they can’t be repaired or are uneconomical to repair. Therefore, repairing an electric vehicle could be way more expensive than conventional ones.


Cost effective and easy to ride, no gears, no fuel and no oil change needed either! However, it requires maintenance every 2000 km.

* Standard Service for E-Moped From $130.00


Their best advantage is portability!
They can be taken easily into a home or office
and stored in tight places.
Some can be carried upstairs effortlessly.
Service routine depends on how often you’ll use the scooter and the kind of conditions you ride in. In general, we suggest regular servicing every 800–1000 km.

* Standard Service for E-Scooter From $100.00


Their best advantage is versatility!
They are very light, great for commuting and save money!
They are great for dealing with hills and fun to ride.
If you use your e-bike regularly, we recommend a Full Service every 6 months.

* Standard Service for E-Bike From $130.00


Torque over horsepower!
Despite the incredible torque, electric motorcycles are silently smooth and practically vibration-free.
We suggest regular servicing every 3000–4000 km.

* Standard Service for E-Motorcycle From $180.00

Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters for elderly or disabled persons also requires regular servicing to make sure they are in good running condition and safe to ride!
We recommend a new scooter is serviced 6 months after date of purchase and then every 12 months.

* Standard Service for Mobility Scooter From $180.00

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