Engine Repairs

* Cylinder head rebuilding
* Piston, rings, gaskets
* Camshaft and bearings replacement
* Oil pump, oil seals and valves replacement
* Installation of new nod bearings
* Ignition timing


* Carburettor service, repairs, reconditioning and tuning of all scooter carburettors as well as fuel injector and throttle body cleaning
* Idle adjustment

Compression Test

Symptoms of low compression in your scooter’s motor.
* Motor will not start
* Motor runs rough
* Motor has no power
* Blown head gasket
* Burning oil

Valves Adjustment

Valves clearance can affect the way the engine runs.
* Engine either won’t get fuel/air into the cylinder properly or you won’t get good compression and/or exhaust and the valve may overheat and suffer damage.

Petrol Petcock - Fuel Pumps & Fuel Lines

* Carburettor is not getting enough gas
* Fuel line is clogged or damaged
* Fuel is leaking
* Fuel pump isn’t working

CVT Clutch & Variator

Scooter won’t move even though the engine runs
* The driving belt is worn or broken
* The clutch spring may be worn or broken
* The rollers are worn
* The driving pulley plate surface is dirty

Forks Seal Replacement

* Suspenssion oil leaking onto your brake calipers
* Trouble decelerating and stopping the bike
* Poor shock absorption and an unbalanced ride

Fork Straightening

Bent forks after an accident.
* Pulling to one side when riding
* Front wheel out of alignment with handlebars
* Uneven tyre wear on the outside edge

Brake and Throttle Cable Replacement

Seized or broken throttle and brake cables.
* Unresponsive throttle
* Loose or jammed brake lever

Tyre Replacement & Puncture Repairs

* Tire tread wear, damaged or exposed cords, losing air pressure
* Puncture repair (vulcanizing method)
* Valve replacement

Braking System

* Disc brakes, pads, and shoes replacement
* Brake callipers and master cylinders repairs and service
* Bleeding
* Master glass reservoir replacement

Front and Rear Suspension

* Unreasonable bumpiness
* Thud or rattle from suspension
* Oil leak
* Lack of damping
* Uneven tyre wear

Seat Upholstery Repair

* Damage foam?
* Tears, holes or cracks in leather or vinyl?

Plastic Repair & Welding

* Specialist in ABS and PP plastic fairings for scooters and motorcycles

Panel & Paint Repair

* From small scratch to full fairing respray
* Insurance accident repairs

Locksmith Services

Ignition switch repair or replacement.

* Lost key?
* Theft attempt?
* Damage ignition switch, seat lock or petrol cap?

Headlights, Taillights and Indicators

* Light bulbs and sockets replacement
* Number plate light
* Rewiring
* Brake lights switches

Handlebar Switch Assy

*Handlebar switches repair and replacement
* Faulty or unreliable horn, headlight and indicator switches
* Rewiring
* Adaptations

Electric Issues & Diagnosis

* Stator, regulator-rectifier, CDI, ignition coil and wiring issues
* Blown fuses
* Ignition switch

Vespa dashboard warning lights replacement

Dashboard Lights and Gauges

* Dashboard lights
* Odometer and speedometer issues
* Speedometer cable
* Fuel gauge issues
* Dashboard clock batteries
* Wiring issues


* New batteries for all makes and models
* Battery check, test and charging service
* Battery terminals replacement


5-Minutes general and safety check:
We will check:
* The condition and air pressure of your tyres.
* Headlight, tail lights, indicators and horn.
* Brakes and suspension condition.
* Any issue that is possible to detect at first glance and within 5 minutes.
** If an issue is found, we will provide you with a quote or an estimate.

Free of charge:
* Mirrors adjustment
* Pumping up tyres
* Brake adjustment (brake drum type only)

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