Don’t take any chances! We can assess & check that the scooter is mechanically and structurally sound.

1. It is easy and convenient. You can bring the scooter you are interested in buying to our workshop and get a pre-purchase inspection for $80.00. Or we can complete on-site pre-purchase inspections on your suggested scooter for $180.00 (maximum radius of 15 km  from our workshop).

2. Pre-purchase Inspection includes a full scooter’s details and specification, such as make and model, cc rating, engine type, fuel type, VIN and engine number, ownership history, odometer, previous registrations and money owing.

3. We will check for:

      • Engine noise, fumes, smoke and other engine wear and tear.
      • Spark plug condition
      • Engine compression
      • Engine oil level
      • Battery condition and charging system
      • Electric start
      • Kick start
      • Fuel valve (petcock) and fuel hoses for any deterioration or leaks
      • Front and rear tyre tread depth
      • Handlebar, steering steam bar, wheel alignment
      • Suspension for any damage, leaks or wear
      • Front and rear brake condition and performance
      • Headlight, tail light, indicators, horn to ensure they are all working
      • Dashboard components, warning lights and odometer
      • Scooter frame for any corrosion
      • Test ride


5-Minutes general and safety check:
We will check:
* The condition and air pressure of your tyres.
* Headlight, tail lights, indicators and horn.
* Brakes and suspension condition.
* Any issue that is possible to detect at first glance and within 5 minutes.
** If an issue is found, we will provide you with a quote or an estimate.

Free of charge:
* Mirrors adjustment
* Pumping up tyres
* Brake adjustment (brake drum type only)

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