Google TrueReview Check

This page was created because Google’s policy prevents business owners from posting evidence in response to reviews, which can unfairly damage their reputation when reviews are misleading or false.

Four simultaneous one-star reviews were posted by four family members: Fiana Sehgal, Mehak Sehgal, Vansh Sehgal, and Pardeep Kumar. Given this pattern, I wouldn’t be surprised if additional reviews from other family members follow (what a little mafia)!

I provided a quote for parts, postage, and labour. I explained that we don’t guarantee parts and labour for Chinese scooters due to their lower quality and asked for his decision to proceed.

I explained to his sister that dealing with this customer was very stressful due to his aggressive demands for immediate scooter repairs. I informed him that in addition to ordering and waiting for the throttle cable, I had other scooters to attend to that had arrived earlier. However, he showed no consideration for the situation. Consequently, to resolve the matter quickly, I decided to send one of my team members to the dealership to expedite obtaining the throttle cable and address his urgent request.

* I also informed her sister that we do not offer guarantees on parts or labor for Chinese scooters, due to their lower quality

* His sister threatened to leave a negative Google review unless I issued a refund. I declined the refund request, as the work was properly completed with a new throttle cable installed.

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